Recommended viewing

  •  A dazzling new art book by George Dombek


    This impressive coffee table volume includes more than 100 recent works by the highly regarded Arkansas artist, plus an introduction by art historian Henry Adams.


    Published by UA Press. Designed by Yours Truly.


    You can order it here.




  •  Quacking up audiences for Beaver Lake


    Northwest Arkansas movie audiences have been seeing a lot of this little guy lately.


    He's the spokesduck for a campaign by Beaver Water District to encourage lake users to take care of their drinking water supply.


    There's print, web advertising, fact sheets, and two videos. Amazing animation by J.L. McCallum


    You can see one of the spots here.


  •  Compressed Natural Gas: fuel of the future?


    If you could fill your tank for $1.17 per gallon, would you?


    That's what it costs to run your car or truck on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Granted, you'll have to plunk down a few thou for the conversion, or invest in a new vehicle that's already configured to use CNG. But you'll have the satisfaction of paying a lot less at the pump -- and avoiding OPEC.


    AOG has the details here.